Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Grants Factory: Who Owns What and Why?

Understanding Intellectual Property and Copyright

7 June 2017, 12-2pm
Venue TBC

In the digital age the question of intellectual capital has becoming increasingly complex. Trying to identify the ‘originator’ of an idea or theory is difficult enough, but is made more complicated still if that idea or theory leads to financial benefit. Fortunately, here at Kent we have two expert guides who can lead us through this confusing and sometimes hostile terrain. Lucy Druesne is the Deputy Director of Kent Innovation and Enterprise, which works with external organisations to share expertise and develop new ideas and technologies. She has helped a range of academics across Kent to understand and make the most of their intellectual property for impact. Chris Morrison, on the other hand, is the University’s Copyright and Licencing Compliance Officer, supporting and advising staff and students on protecting their own copyright, but also not infringing that of other people.

Together they will help to demystify the subject, and provide practical and simple advice to those trying to navigate this new world. The session is intended to be informal and interactive, so if you have specific questions do bring them along. As ever it’s free and open to all, and a light lunch will be provided. However, do let me know if you intend to come so that I can make sure both room and catering are appropriate.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Three Rules of Impact

The Award Winning Julie Bayley
Two years ago we held the first of our 'Maximising Impact' events. Shortly after, we invited the Award Winning Julie Bayley (Coventry) to talk us about 'what works' when it comes to impact. Julie has a refreshingly open and approachable take on impact, and listening to her speak gives hope to all who are confused and intimidated by impact.

Last Wednesday we held the second 'Maximising Impact' event, and it made sense to have Julie speak to us again. This time she built on what she'd said before by setting out three basic rules of impact.